How to put together a flat pack box?

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Putting together a flat pack box is not hard, once your large boxes for moving house online arrive, simply take them from their packaging and open them up, from here, all you need to do is fold the top flaps over onto themselves to create the bottom of the box, then seal with tape, your box has now been assembled, when assembling your boxes take care not to rip or damage the seams of the box, as this will greatly diminish the working life of the box and maybe cause it not to fold up into a box at all, but rather fall to pieces. Cardboard packing boxes are not difficult at all to fold out from flat pack, and should not take longer than fifteen of twenty seconds per box, this is quick and efficient allowing you to focus on the other more important parts of moving such as deciding what to put in each box and where to avoid the most amount of damage.

If all goes to plan you will be able to assemble your flat pack box in no time at all, giving you plenty of time to pack them and get them on the van. Cardboard boxes for moving house are thicker than other boxes, and may be slightly harder to unfold, however this is usually not true, and these boxes are assembled the exact same way as any other box you’ve ever seen or touched, or assembled, as long as you do not rip any of the 4 walls of 8 flaps off of the box, there is no reason it should fold up into a box, boxes for moving house, although maybe heavier, operate exactly the same as any other box, and are therefore in no way any more difficult to fold than any other box. Smaller boxes can be tricky to fold into a box as they are small, however, this is also still a box, and folds up exactly that same way a normal box would fold up too, however it is just much smaller. Once your cardboard boxes for removals are built, all you need to do is put the items you wish to be in the box into the box, and then using the same technique as you did to make the bottom of the box, tape up the top of the box, as items can fall out the top AND bottom if not taped shut.


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