Is Bubble wrap waterproof?

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Bubble wrap is a packing material designed for the inside of boxes, and to be wrapped around items, the idea of this best bubble wrap for moving is to protect the items that may be more fragile than the others, from becoming broken, and whilst bubble wrap performs this job perfectly, there are also other jobs that bubble wrap can do, even including providing your items with a basic waterproof barrier. Waterproof capabilities of bubble wrap are not caused by design, rather this is caused unintentionally by the material the wrap is made from; as plastic is incredibly flexible and tough, it is used to create the sturdy bubble wrap you see in most stores today, and the plastic itself is relatively waterproof.

Top quality bubble wrap will often offer more waterproof capabilities than cheaper quality wraps, usually due to the thickness of the plastic, and whilst you can use your bubble wrap as a waterproof barrier, it is always important to remember that although the wrap can deflect water, that is not its regular purpose, and a failure to perform during this time could be expected, due to the different uses for this product. And whilst you may not be able to rely on this method of waterproofing wholeheartedly, bubble wrap for moving can provide small amounts of water resistance with minimal issue, such as when an item is caught between the house and the moving van as the rain is falling, or an item left out on a wet and windy day, in these instances, the water resistance of bubble wrap will be extremely beneficial in keeping the items inside in good quality and perfect condition. Larger, thicker rolls of bubble wrap benefit from thicker base plastic, which allows them to tolerate more abuse before ultimately tearing through, what this means is that this style of large bubble wrap roll is more effective at keeping your items safe from both impacts and rain, longer than any other style of bubble wrap you could find for the same job. If you’re sure you have the right bubble wrap for moving UK for the job, then you can wrap your items safe in the knowledge that their chances of breaking have no diminished greatly, and thanks to this high-quality bubble wrap, water and moisture damage will be kept at bay until the items arrive at their destination safe and sound.

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